GIF of the I LIKE app in use


Travel with Sporti to the coolest sports planets

Fill-in time I LIKE: 10 minutes / child

Sports teachers can start the I LIKE web application in their classroom. With Sporti as a mascot, every child can discover their favorite sports planets.

The I LIKE component is supplementary to the I DO movement exercises. A child may have a knack for a certain sport, but that does not necessarily mean that the child also enjoys that sport. With the I LIKE application, children can find out for themselves which sport(s) they really like.

Who is Sporti?

Meet Sporti, the mascot who guides you through the I LIKE app. Or try out the tool for free right away:


You can try out or demo the SportKompas I LIKE in the following languages: Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Malaysian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish.

Sports and fun go hand in hand.

Schools use the I LIKE tool via the digital platform. Afterwards, each child receives a personalized report from the PE teacher with 7 sports that he or she/they would like. From these, the child can then choose a sport to try out first.

The I LIKE can be completed in class and online under the supervision of the sports teacher or class teacher. This is done easily and safely via the SportKompas digital platform.

Example of the I LIKE report

Sports included in I LIKE

Wordcloud GIF of the sports included in I LIKE