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Become an international partner

We partner up with local organizations in each country to support them with the implementation of SportKompas. If you are interested and you meet the following criteria, do not hesitate to contact us!


  • Have access to primary schools or sports camps for children between 8-10 years old. This can also be through another partner
  • Part of your mission is to implement a sustainable model to increase sports participation and improve the movement skills of young children
  • Preferably be a non-profit organization
  • Have access to governmental or public organizations in sports and education
  • Have access to sports science institutes, such as universities in your country

What you'll need

  • Training from SportaMundi on how to organize and implement SportKompas
  • SportKompas flightcase with scientific standardized testing equipment
  • Access to the digital platform

What does it cost?

  • Training: online training for free + one-time travel cost (2 experts) for local training in your country
  • SportKompas flightcase: (€3500, excl. VAT & shipping), latest price info on BOSAN's website
  • Use of digital platform:
    • Setup or yearly 6000 EUR when < 1000 children
    • 1000 Children: split 50% of the end user fee (minimum €5/child)

Our current international partners

How it works in Belgium

SportaMundi works together with several support partners to implement SportKompas successfully. Sport Vlaanderen, the Flemish governmental institution, promotes and coordinates SportKompas towards cities and schools.

A dedicated test team of Sport Werk Vlaanderen is mobilized to test all the children in cities and schools.

The Flemish government has also issued a Coalition Agreement that stipulates the use of SportKompas in all Flemish schools by 2024.