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Discover the personal motivation and possible barriers to engage in sports

Fill-in time I AM: 10 minutes / child

SportKompas I AM is a digital questionnaire that assesses the intrinsic motivation of a child to exercise. In addition, the survey aims to gain a better understanding of the personal context: does the child already participate in sports and, if so, which ones? Does the child like the sport? What are possible barriers to starting a new sport?

Motivation is an important driver for making a sports choice.

The I AM questionnaire was developed in collaboration with the Sports Pedagogy Research Group led by Prof. Dr. Leen Haerens at the Department of Movement and Sports Sciences at Ghent University. Sports teachers, schools and/or municipalities can get started with the digital survey, and thus gain insight into the current sports participation and motivation of a (pre)defined group of children.

Both schools and municipalities play an important role in encouraging sports and/or more exercise. Thanks to access to anonymous data from the I AM survey, new insights can be converted into impactful actions.

The sports teacher or classroom teacher can have the online I AM questionnaire completed by the children in class. The results of the group or class can then be viewed on the digital platform in the form of a comprehensible report.

Example report I AM

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Download the complete example report here.