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What is I DO?

Child performing the Eye-Hand Coordination test

What is I DO?

Discover which sports are best suited to each child’s physical abilities

Duration I DO: 1 hour / 20 children

The I DO component consists of 12 movement exercises that measure the skills of each child in terms of strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, coordination and balance. In addition, height and weight are also determined.

SportKompas allows children to discover their personal talents.

A SportKompas test team and coordinator take the various movement skills tests on the desired day and location. They are present at every testing moment with accompanying testing equipment so that the margin of error on the tests results is as small as possible. The SportKompas coordinator ensures that everything runs smoothly and monitors the quality of the tests. The time estimate for testing 20 children is 1h15.

The I DO tests can be organized by an individual school, by a school group or by the sports department of a municipality.

The sports teacher and/or the person in charge of the sports service or municipality works closely together with the SportKompas coordinator regarding the participation of the school, the students, location, dates, time schedule, and the reporting. The sports teacher is preferably present during the I DO tests.

GIF that shows the SportKompas app in use on a smartphone

All results are registered via the user-friendly SportKompas app. Per child, test results can easily be entered/submitted in the app, after which they are automatically stored in SportKompas' digital platform. The sports/PE teacher has access to the platform and can view the results of each individual test in detail per student (more information about what you can do with the digital platform as a teacher can be found here).

After completing the 12 movement exercises, an I DO report can be generated from the platform for each child. The report is an overview of the 7 sports (and their accompanying sports planets) for which the student has the most aptitude.

Example of the I DO report

Sports included in I DO

Wordcloud GIF of the sports included in I DO