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Hi there!

I spy two eyes, two ears, a mouth, a nose, but... no antennas? Weird! You must be an Earthling. I have been to your home planet a few times myself, such a lovely holiday destination!

My name is Sporti by the way, nice to meet you! Do you have some spare time? I need to tell you something important.

Sporti, the SportKompas mascot
Sporti's telescope

Few Earthlings know that each sport has its very own planet in the sports universe. Just take a look through the telescope and see for yourself. Cool, isn't it?

Unfortunately, there are far too few visitors on the sports planets, which means that there is a severe shortage of movement and exercise! I really want to change that. Will you join me?

As a solution I invented something special: (the) SportKompas! With this tool, everyone finds their way to the sports universe, and to the best sports planets.

To find out which planets are exactly right for you, (the) SportKompas guides you past three stopovers: one at I LIKE, one at I AM and one at I DO. Don't worry, I'll show you the way!

The Sport Compass
5 planets in a row: earth, I LIKE, I AM, I DO, sport planets

First we arrive at I LIKE, where you will discover which sports you like the most. Then we make a stopover at I AM. There, we will fill in a questionnaire together so I can get to know you a little better. That way I can find the very best planets for you. Just one last stop now, you’re almost there! At I DO we go through a number of movement exercises to see what you are really good at.

So! The SportKompas is now running at full speed. In a few moments your planets will be known!

While we’re waiting for the SportKompas to be ready, you might as well try out a few space suits in the meantime. We have them in all sizes, check them out!

Pssst: If you’re done you can test I LIKE for free on

Okay, I think you're all set now...

Space suits in size large, medium and small

Your planets are known! Better put on that spacesuit and climb into your rocket, we’re leaving right away! Ready for launch?

3, 2, 1…