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Why go for SportKompas?

What is SportKompas?

SportKompas is an orientation tool that helps children between 8 and 10 years old choose the right sport for them.

A child's choice of sports is rarely based on their awareness of their own skills or on what they like to do. A child may take up dance class or football because a friend does that too, or because Mom or Dad used to. But after some time, many children find that this sport is not really for them after all. It just isn’t going well or they simply don’t like it, so they start looking for another sport or even give up sports completely. This can negatively affect their self-image and ultimately lead to a lack of physical exercise.

When children choose a sport based on their own abilities and motivation, they will enjoy it more and can then also enjoy the progress they are making. This contributes to their well-being and a lasting healthy lifestyle. SportKompas makes it easier for children to find their way to the appropriate sports club in their municipality; and a better targeted influx into the sports clubs ultimately results in more motivated and skilled members and fewer ‘drop-outs’.

The right choice of sport contributes to a more sustainable experience.


Sportamundi is a non-profit organization rooted from the social activities of Ghent University. The association aims to put relevant (sports) scientific research into practice in the form of products and/or services for governments, social and non-profit organizations, such as schools, municipalities and sports clubs.

Sportamundi is the main contact point for the development of broadly applicable (sports) innovations. That is why Sportamundi offers:

  • the translation of scientific insights and results into products and services
  • the development and support of practical tools
  • the development of implementation plans
  • the organization of dialog with stakeholders and parties that benefit from these products and services
  • the search for funding
  • the coordination of the implementation

SportKompas is one of the first products offered by Sportamundi. Sportamundi coordinates the activities to be able to carry out SportKompas in schools and municipalities, i.e.:

  • the development of SportKompas trainings in collaboration with Sport Vlaanderen to prepare the necessary coordinators for each municipality or group of schools
  • the provision of the digital platform to SportKompas Coordinators and sports teachers
  • the provision of the SportKompas test material via the lending service offered by MOEV (only in Flanders)
  • the communication about SportKompas
  • the reporting of policy information to the Flemish government about the fitness of our youth and the evolution of each child’s physical skills

Sportamundi consists of a team of 4 employees with Bruno D'Hulster as general manager.

SportKompas is under the scientific supervision of Prof. Dr Matthieu Lenoir, Prof. Dr Leen Haerens and Dr Johan Pion of Ghent University, Department of Physical Education and Movement Sciences (Sports Training and Coaching).