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A SportKompas Coordinator (SpoC) & test supervisors

The test of 14 physical exercises for a class of 20 children requires about 5 test supervisors.

In addition to the SPoC and the sports teacher, you can also temporarily deploy class teachers, PE students, volunteers,...

Access to the digital SportKompas platform

The test results of the I DO, I LIKE en I AM components are digitally registered.

Each SPoC and sports teacher is given access to the results on the online platform. This allows them to recommend individually adapted exercises to the participating children, to advise them on their choice of sports or to refer them to the appropriate sports clubs and physical activities offered in their municipality.

Children and their parent(s) receive an individual overview of the sports that suit the child best.

SportKompas Tools

In order to do the 14 physical exercises, you need a standardized SportKompas test set. This test set consists of balance beams, mats, cones,...

The SportKompas test set can be borrowed from the provincial lending service offered by MOEV (Only in Flanders).