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Sit and reach

Sit and reach



Flexibility of the hamstrings and lower back muscles.

Test description

The athlete sits barefoot on the floor with stretched legs, soles of the foot against the vertical board of the box. The athlete calmly bends forward and tries to push the measuring bar as far as possible with the finger tips. After the first attempt, the athlete calmly returns in a relaxed position. The athlete performs this a second time and tries to push the bar further away. Bending the knees, bending springly forwards, pulling on the box with the finger tips and thrusting the measuring bar further count as errors. In these cases, the athlete has to make a new attempt.

Mark determination

The limberness is marked in centimeters with an accuracy of 0,5 cm.


  • A testing table or test box


  • Shoes off
  • Feet and legs together
  • Soles of the feet against the vertical board of the test box
  • Stretched legs
  • Lean with both hands on the knees of the athlete
  • Bend calmly forwards, as far as possible (hold for 2 seconds)
  • 2 attempts
  • Best of both attempts is noted

Instruction video