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Shuttle throw

Shuttle throw



Specific coordination upper body

Test description

The athlete is standing in front of a line and throws a badminton shuttle as far as possible with the dominant hand. The throw should be as far as possible but also as close as possible to the line. The athlete repeats this throw five times. The shuttle is always replaced on the landing spot.

Mark determination

The throwing distance and the distance from the central line are marked in centimetres with an accuracy of 0.1 cm. Measure from the center of the shuttle to the center of the line. When the shuttle lands too far from the mat the attempt may be redone. When an attempt is exceptionally much less far than the previous one (e.g. thrown straight to the ground) then the attempt may be redone. 5 attempts will be scored.


  • 5 badminton shuttles
  • Vinyl mat with distance marks

Instruction video