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Shuttle run

Shuttle run



Starting speed and agility.

Test description

The athlete stands behind the starting line with one foot just behind the line. At the start signal, the athlete runs as fast as possible to the other line, crosses it with both feet and turns to run back to the starting line. This is a cycle which has to be done five times. If the line is not crossed with both feet repeatedly, the attempt has to be redone.

Mark determination

The time needed to run 10 times 5m is marked in seconds with an accuracy of 0.01 s.


  • Slip free surface
  • Chalk or tape
  • Tape measure (at least 5m)
  • Stopwatch (if app is not being used)


  • Give the start signal when you press the stopwatch
  • Count along with the cycles out loud
  • The line has to be crossed with both feet
  • Multiple errors = redo the attempt
  • Last 5m = finish at maximal speed