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Knee push-ups

Knee push-ups



Upper body strength.

Test description

The subject is in a planking position on the hands and knees. The upper legs and torso in a straight line, hands on the floor at shoulder width. At the start signal, the athlete tries to perform as much as possible knee push-ups within 30 seconds. The head up to 5 cm from the ground and pushing up until the arms are fully extended. When the execution is not correct, no point is awarded.

Mark determination

The number of correctly performed curl-ups within a time of 30 seconds.


  • Mat
  • Shuttle
  • Stopwatch (if the app is not used)


  • Check the starting position
  • The athlete is given some trial attempts
  • Make sure the upper legs and torso are in a straight line
  • Touch shuttle with nose
  • Pushing up until the arms are fully extended
  • Neck in line with torso
  • Count along the correctly perfomed knee push-ups out loud

Instruction video