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As a parent, can I apply for SportKompas for my child?

SportKompas can only be organized by municipalities and schools for the children in their 3rd and 4th year of primary school. You cannot apply for SportKompas individually for your child. It is best to contact your municipal sports department, sports teacher or the management of the primary school. We will then help them to organize SportKompas.

What exactly does the SportKompas Coordinator training entail?

The training consists of a theoretical (3h) and a practical (3h) part. The theoretical part covers the scientific background of SportKompas, a thorough explanation of the test taking, the preparations, the use of the digital platform and the interpretation of the results. The practical part is in the form of guidance during the first test taking. The training for SportKompas Coordinator is a one-off and mandatory course in order to allow a municipality or school to get started with SportKompas. The cost of this training will be announced by September 15th.

How can I register for the SportKompas Coordinator training?

The courses are organized by Sport Vlaanderen via a VTS + further training. The training agenda will be announced in the course of September 2018.

Is any training offered for primary school sports teachers?

Yes, there will be a separate training (2.5 hours) for the sports teachers via a further training course by VTS +, organized by Sport Vlaanderen. This training is not mandatory but recommended. The training focuses on the practical organization of SportKompas, as well as the interpretation of the results and explanation to the parents. The cost of this training is € 25,00.

Who pays for SportKompas?

SportKompas costs € 10,00 per child (including VAT). This covers the costs for the use of the digital platform and the central support provided by Sportamundi. The municipality or school pays the costs per child directly to Sportamundi via the digital platform. Of course, it is possible to call on local sponsoring. In addition, the municipality or school may need to take into account some compensation for the SportKompas Coordinator and the test supervisors.

When can our municipality or school start organizing SportKompas?

Starting from the school year 2018-2019, all Flemish (and also Dutch) municipalities or schools can organize SportKompas. The courses will be organized in the fall of 2018. All tools needed to run the SportKompas tests will be available from January 2019.

What happens to the test results and the children’s data?

Each child’s individual test results are stored in a secure digital platform that is managed by Sportamundi. The protection of the data complies with the GDPR legislation. The sports teacher is given access to the test results. The parents receive a report with their child’s test results.