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Success Stories

Municipality of Kalmthout

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SportKompas allows children to discover their personal talents.Gino Van Thillo, Sports official at Municipality of Kalmthout

The municipality of Kalmthout wants to stimulate sports from an early age. Since 2017, the municipal sports department organizes yearly SportKompas tests for all pupils of the 3rd year of its 7 primary schools.

Sports official Gino Van Thillo: “During the sports days in the months of May and June, we let the children take various tests on our sports ground, under professional guidance. In addition to a number of body measurements such as height and weight, we test the children for agility, strength, coordination, speed and endurance.

After completing SportKompas, the municipal sports department can immediately inform the parents about the appropriate sports and physical activities offered in the local area. Every sports club in the municipality benefits from this, because a more focused influx of motivated and talented children should lead to longer membership and fewer drop-outs.”

Municipality of Eeklo

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There is great satisfaction in being able to contribute to an objective sports choice for young children.Bart Van de Walle, local SportKompas Coordinator

In the spring of 2018, a local secondary school organized SportKompas for about 200 primary school children within their group of schools.

Bart Vandewalle, a local sports teacher, took on the supervision together with his sports science students of the 2 final years. The students familiarized themselves with the test protocol, the tools and the interpretation of the results.

“SportKompas was a successful project which we want to repeat every two years for the children of the 3rd and 4th year of primary school. All children, the PE teachers, the students and the parents were very enthusiastic. A few children later told me that they are now registered in a sports club in their municipality based on the SportKompas results”, says Bart Vandewalle.

City of Aalst

After completing SportKompas, we can immediately link to the sports offered in our city.Stijn Vermassen, SportKompas Coordinator City of Aalst

In 2018, the Sports Department of the City of Aalst organized SportKompas for about 13 primary schools. A team of about 6 test supervisors visited the schools to take the tests. They were recruited from within the sports department’s own work force and PE professionals from Sportwerk Vlaanderen.

Sports official Stijn Vermassen explains: "After the tests, the school"s sports teachers received an individual folder for each child holding the I DO and I LIKE report and a list of the sports offered in the city. As a result, the parents of the children were immediately informed about the available sports and the sports clubs in our city. Next year, the sports department wishes to involve all primary schools in the city of Aalst, this concerns about 900 children of the 3rd year of primary."

VIVES University of Applied Sciences, campus Torhout

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Given our program for future PE teachers, we find it important that all children and young people in (West) Flanders are motivated to an active lifestyle and a lifelong practice of sports.

As part of a project within a regional fund and in cooperation with external parties, VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Campus Torhout, coordinates the SportKompas tests in a number of primary schools. In the past academic year (17-18), the university organized test days in 14 West Flemish primary schools. VIVES tested about 60 children per school. They delivered all individual test results to the pupils and to the PE teacher.

“Given our program for future PE teachers, we find it important that all children and young people in (West) Flanders are motivated to an active lifestyle and a lifelong practice of sports.” The sports teachers play an important part in this.

The results give them insight into the points for improvement, but certainly also in the possibilities and talents of the pupils and/or the class as a whole. After an informative meeting with the teachers involved, they can integrate exercises from the database into their PE lessons to improve certain physical skills among their pupils.

A number of university students are focusing their bachelor's thesis on a theme linked to the I DO physical exercises; e.g. the development of specific remedial lessons, and the substantive enrichment of the sheets on the various sports that are included in the I LIKE application.

This interaction between VIVES University of Applied Sciences, the primary schools and the Province of West Flanders is fascinating and a positive experience for all.