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Practical Information


I Do

The physical exercises can be done in a school gym or in the municipal sports hall. The most efficient way is for the children from the various schools to come together in the sports hall on one specific day, for example on a sports day.

I Like & I Am

Children can complete the questions in these digital applications in their classroom, in preparation for or after the I DO tests.

paymentHow much?

SportKompas costs € 10,00 per child. This cost covers the use of the digital platform. The test material can be borrowed for free from the regional lending services offered by MOEV (only in Flanders).

Test supervisors can be recruited in consultation between the school and the municipal sports department. It is also possible to temporarily deploy PE students, teachers or volunteers or contact Sportwerk Vlaanderen.

timerHow long?

I Do

For a class of about 20 children, the 15 physical exercises take about 1 hour. For multiple classes or larger groups, the tests can be done consecutively or at different times. The SportKompas experts at Sportamundi can advise you on this.

I Like

In the I LIKE web app, the participating children are introduced to the mascot Sporti. Sporti will gauge their (movement) preferences in about 10 minutes. The children can then also complete the I AM questionnaire in about 10 minutes.


SportKompas can be organized by municipalities and by primary schools, for children in their 3rd or 4th year of primary.

We encourage close collaboration between the primary schools and the municipal sports department, in terms of organizing the I DO tests as well as for referrals to sports clubs and physical activities in the local area.