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faceA SportKompas Coordinator (SpoC)

Every municipality, school or group of schools must appoint a SportKompas Coordinator (SpoC). The SpoC coordinates all preparations such as consultation with the schools, planning the tests, the use of the digital platform and putting together a test team. He or she supervises the quality of the test taking and is the contact person for any questions regarding SportKompas.

The SPoC must have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Physical Education or Sports Physiotherapy. After a tailor-made training of 6 hours, the SpoC will receive continued support from the experts at Sportamundi and the School Sports Consultants at Sport Vlaanderen

laptop_macAccess to the digital SportKompas platform

Each SPoC and sports teacher is given access to the online platform. The test results of the I DO, I LIKE and I AM components are digitally registered. Children and their parent(s) receive an individual overview of the sports that suit the child best. The sports teacher and the SPoC will have access to all results. This allows them to recommend individually adapted exercises to the participating children, to advise them on their choice of sports or to refer them to the appropriate sports clubs and physical activities offered in their municipality.

faceTest supervisors

The test of 15 physical exercises for a class of 20 children requires about 4 test supervisors.

In addition to the SPoC and the sports teacher, you can also temporarily deploy class teachers, PE students, volunteers (parents or grandparents with a background in PE), or staff from the municipal sports department. You can also contact Sportwerk Vlaanderen for the recruitment of test supervisors.


In order to do the 15 physical exercises, you need a standardized SportKompas test set. This test set consists of balance beams, mats, cones, ...

The SportKompas test set can be borrowed from the provincial lending service offered by MOEV (Only in Flanders).